What happens when you need to wind a bobbin on a vintage beauty but your bobbin winder is having issues, like there is no belt which is to move to do the winding? You make sure you have your mum around who will show you a trick or two.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the easiest way to wind your bobbin (although I think this will only be true for older industrial sewing machines) Things you need: A thin pencil, makeup brush, or anything that will slide through the bobbin easily Instructions:

  • Place a spool of thread on the spool pin and wind a few threads by hand around the bobbin to start
  • Slide the bobbin through your thin pencil
  • Hold the other end of the pencil. The pencil should be horizontal,  and the bobbin parallel to the hand crank

photo 5

  • Press the footer thing to run the machine. Hold the thread with the free hand to direct it as it winds on!

I looked at my mum in awe. This is now my go-to bobbin winding method (for this machine). Who was it that said, sometimes something good comes out of distress, or something along those lines?