Another grainline studio pattern. What can I say, they are nice and the instructions are fantastic.

photo 2 (15)

photo 1 (16)

Some key things –

1. The fly front steps (and tutorial) for this skirt were great and even though this was my first time making one, I didn’t think it was too bad. It was actually going fantastically well till I realized I’d sewn in the zipper upside down! That was a aaaarrrghhh moment and I had to re-do it all over again.

2. I’m not sure how to add that little mark where the fly shield, front etc all are to be sewn together at the bottom of the curve. My needle just wouldn’t move. Maybe it all got a bit too thick?

3. The automatic one step buttonhole on my machine would only do one round and it took me a while to figure out how to get it down right, so my skirt was sitting around without a top button and I was very tempted to just put hook and eye closure. I searched high and lo to find a solution but it worked out in the end. The trick was to not put my machine name in when googling and viola, a video which said that you also have to move the length to the F – 0 setting. And done. I only re-did the buttonhole four times after this. What can I say, I’m a quick learner.

photo 1 (8)

Fabric: Fabulous linen from Arbuda Matching Centre in Ahmedabad for Rs. 200 / metre and bought a total of 2m as the width was a bit less. Could’ve done with1.5m in the end. Pocket lining from scrap fabric from some other project.

Notions: Zipper for Rs. 10 and thread for Rs. 5, for a grant total of Rs. 215 which is $3.5 (although I should add the pattern which was for $9 I think, but it is nice to delude myself in to thinking I made it for $3.5)

Time: 6 – 7 hours, includes redoing the zipper and time spent swearing



I’ve made another dress based a Club Monaco dress I own. Here are the results. For comparison, I’ve added a photo of the original dress also.

club-monaco-plumevoodoo-blue-dina-dress-product-1-10258786-442450966_large_flex   photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (14)

I added the gorgeous jacquard (which I dyed (got dyed ie) in dark navy blue) for some interesting detail and the printed underlining at the hem, for the slightest hint of fun. This was my first time using jacquard fabric and I think I am in love! Look at how utterly gorgeous it is and it has such a nice feel to it too. I also inserted the invisible zipper (with lining for the first time) which turned out quite well, imo. photo 3 (5)

Unlike the original dress, I lined the entire garment as the yellow/mint was too sheer, so the dress overall feels a lot richer. Also, I got lovely mum to hand stitch the printed underlining at the hem – I’m so lazy when it comes to hand stitching. She did such an amazing job – I honestly can’t tell even a single thread from the front even when I look at it closely, even though she just used a simple running stitch. She says it’s because of the jacquard weave. Maybe. photo 1 (7)

One smallish issue that caused a little frustration was that the skirt and skirt lining turned out to be a lot bigger than the top waist and had to re-stitch the seams to crop quite a bit off. I must’ve messed up while cutting because the pattern seems ok. Next time will keep this in mind.

Time: 8 – 9 hours, including drafting the pattern

Fabric: Super soft cotton in yellow/mint for 200php / yard and needed a total of around 2 yards (as I made the lining with it as well). 2m jacquard fabric that I got dyed for a total of Rs. 200 and 1/2m for the hem lining for Rs. 50 from Sanskruti, Ahmedabad. Invisible zipper from Fabric Warehouse, Mannila for 10 php

Total cost: Rs. 780 (~@$13 vs $220 for the original and I actually like mine a lot more). I’ll say that was a success!