I’ve wanted a gorgeous robe for the longest of times, and the ones that I’ve liked have typically been in the $400 -$500 range. Case in point, the Emerson Fry robe below for only $495 (which later got reduced to $295). I still wouldn’t buy it at $295.


So what does someone who has recently learnt to barely sew do? Decide to sew one, of course. What’s the fun in making simple stuff when you can try and attack a complicated fully lined robe? Anyway, so I looked around the net for some free information, because I am a kanjus at heart, and Petit Republic came to my rescue. I modified the massive kimono sleeves and skipped the collar + belt option, plus added the white lining using whatever I thought would work best, which actually didn’t turn out too shabby. The same cannot be said for the stitching but I do want to make one again. For now, have a look at some not so great photos which conveniently hide my terrible stitching.

photo 3  photo 2 (2)

Despite everything I am happy with it and wear the robe a lot!



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