Of course I’ve made an apron and a super simple skirt. I don’t think anyone can call themselves a “seamstress” (not that I call myself that) unless they make the apron and the skirt.

Never mind that the bottom of this apron looks a bit like a skirt and nowhere as nice as the Purl Bee one, which was my guide. Both the military green and the colourful striped fabrics were picked by the chef himself. It took me about 2 hours to make this and the sturdy canvas fabric was easy to sew but I still messed up the casing on the side.

Also, this was the first thing I made using my new Brother GS2700 sewing machine, bought for me a day or two before!

photo (2)

Anyway, he seems to like it and that’s what matters.

The skirt took me a whole of 30 minutes to make and was basically 2 pieces of rectangle sewn with a casing for elastic. Boom, boom, bam!

photo (2)

Sorry for the blurry photo.


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