My sewing began when I started a basic course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, sometime in February of this year. The classes are once a week and the results of my first (or second day?) are here. I sent the photo to my mum whose response was “wow you need to learn”. Off to a good start, wasn’t I?

photo 1

In the next class I practiced darts, seams and zippers on the muslin. Mum’s response to the zipper photo was “beautiful”. Either way, I was feeling quite proud, but I will admit a bit curious as to of how I was going to make a pencil skirt (next on the project) given that the industrial juki seemed to have a mind of it’s own and more than half my time was spent in dealing with the bobbin, threading the needle and other difficult tasks.

photo 2


If anyone ever reads this, let this be a reminder that your day 1 was probably not as bad. I’m glad I am able to spread joy in the world.


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